Watch the video

Watch the video

Watch the video

?Q4 is on fire! (For anyone running FB ads)
It's crazy how much video ads can convert a colder audience into conversions in the end. Here's how we kill it
To your TOF campaign
Creative: I usually start with a drone video opening and then go straight to the property's showcase. As for copying Facebook, we use the following format
Attention (Location)
Save big! (Add house price) listed only in the market!
(Add Property Details)
(Add scarcity tactics)
call for action
Tactics: With the help of FB's four lead we can put them directly into the funnel so that if your audience has an option we will send them to a custom email sequence for tracking.
Run this campaign for 1-2 weeks until you have enough data and then hit hard on your refocus. In general, try to hurt anyone who watches 50% of your video and check out people who watch 20% of your video.
Creative: Again the video is your best friend! Editing the same video is what we did for our re-focus and it works like magic!
Here you can start creating your visible audiences (2%) and offer them a free lead magnet to collect more email for your campaign. Once collected, run a 4-part sequence and segment the audience that opens your email into a "mixed buyers list" "Separates and sends them a separate campaign for" special properties for sale "
Alternative MOF
You can re-target your targeted audience through a separate Lead Ads campaign with a pre-copy ad and whoever enters the lead form you can simply call him and schedule a tour.
Hit hard because your leads are now hot and ready to buy, so here's where your sales should be.
Successfully! Hope this post helps! Videos are just a few random clips from our repository

(fb_vid id = "photo_id": "3100676419947634" ") (fb_vid id =" 3100676419947634 ")

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