Gary Vaynerchuk - On the way to passive income you have to work very hard and be very active

Gary Vaynerchuk - On the way to passive income you have to work very hard and be very active


Hey friends,

We are all here for the same reason, the goal - passive income, the dream - economic freedom. But does this really exist? Completely passive income with no involvement ?!

Sharing a short (3 min) snippet here of a guy I guess most of you know, Gary Vaynerchuk.
Who briefly talks about the same dream but explains in a very characteristic way (brazen rather than apologetic) that on the way to passive income you have to work very hard and be very active.

And if you connect it to our world,
To be a successful real estate investor with a good and positive return you have to go through a long process that requires hard work, lots of research and patience. Passive income is indeed a real and real goal, but it requires doing and persevering very actively over time.

Let us all continue our successful and successful work ..
have a good week, people

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Mike Roizer
Mike Roizer
1 a year ago

And please do not forget Tali Feldman-Madlal about anyone who knows how to talk and maybe sweep and persuade .. There are 50 who did the same thing, fell, lost, knelt in the middle of the drift and folded a tail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Not everything they try to sell to you / me / us is even close to the truth .. Anyone who posts or flatters and compliments a post usually has a side interest, even on the internet they do not give away free flattery…

Tali Feldman-Madlal
Tali Feldman-Madlal
1 a year ago

According to the forum posts here, I would say that most of these writers were and are very active in order to achieve their successful achievements

Asaph Lev
Asaph Lev
1 a year ago

Besides every second word it's a cruise - it's probably a tick for motivational speakers
- Tony Robbins also likes to say sailing, there is a lot of logic to what he says.
Investing in real estate for passive income is great, but being leveraged up to the neck and living constantly on the fear that there will be no real catastrophes and your property won't be bad - it's bad.
The cheapest and best way to develop something that will eventually generate additional income is to develop an Internet business.
Nowadays, you can learn everything online through sites like Judy and ClickBank anyone can acquire digital or other skills and start making zero investment income.

Baigel Felix
Baigel Felix
1 a year ago

ILan Baigel

In this forum you can consult on any topic in the field of real estate in the US, on topics such as how to open a US bank account, how to open an LLC, what are the recommended areas for investment today, an area where anyone can tell about all the successful transactions he made from A to Z. And also about the nonsense, analysis of specific areas together, a poll about the area that everyone prefers to invest in, recommended sites, the best way to convert funds, etc. We are all looking for investments, and we are sure that 100 brains and surgeons work better than one brain so do not be ashamed to seek the help of experts in the forum. The management of the forum is not responsible for the use of the forum content and does not bear any responsibility for the accuracy of the information. The use of the information is the responsibility of the user and the advertiser. By posting information in the forum, you waive any copyright claim and you acknowledge that the forum management may reuse this information in any way that suits you and in any media. Good luck to all of us!

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