So after 10 years with real estate experience in the country in the last two years I also combined experience ...

So after 10 years with real estate experience in Israel in the last two years I also combined two years experience with real estate abroad through escorts

Here is the moment my first deal I bought alone from A to T

1. I found the property alone through a local wholesaler without Israeli brokerage

2. I received a renovation offer from a contractor on my behalf before purchasing

3. I received two COMPS offers before purchasing

4. I consulted with professionals from Israel and abroad who confirmed that the numbers were working out well and according to the plan.

Now I have to choose

1. Sell ​​the property AS IS with a small profit - before escort.

2. Renovate the property Minimal renovation and rent at least first year.

3. Renovate flip over and sell in the project's estimated half-year finish.

The numbers are in percentages

1. I bought 61% percent of the advertised price of silo (which is not the most reliable) and 52% based on two different COMPS offers.

2. Renovation of 18K RENTAL according to the seller and also against a proposal from a contractor on my behalf.

In summary, this brings me to a percentage improvement of 76% by ZILO and 64% by Comps from two different professionals in Israel and abroad.

From here, I have to decide

A. Rent for myself or my escrow paid to the investor, at approximately 15% before expenses

B. Flip estimate of 28% in half year period

what do you think ?

Edit: Rantel deal details for those who are interested in AS IS are attached pictures

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