promissory note

Promissory Note - Request some of the members here in posts and in private. A promissory note is one of the common and common collateral in lease agreements to secure the tenant's obligations to the lessor. Until recently, notes could be purchased at the Postal Bank, but this service was discontinued. In fact, there is no special formal requirement for a promissory note and can be printed on plain paper. If it is necessary to use the promissory note, its use is

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Gil Rosenberg

Suitable for a renters program from Hell that was yesterday 🙂

Lilach Chernovich

Shai Ingber

Michal Rosenberg
Shai Fedida

Interesting, following

Tsahi Stein

If a promissory note protects the rent, what should protect the apartment itself?

Moshe Halimi

Thank you for this wonderful post. I understand that a security dough can only be taken for rent for 3 months, except for an open dough for any authority (water, local, gas and electricity)
Can God add a promissory note?

Shlomi Raznabi

Interesting, thank you. What are the maximum guarantees that can be based on the periphery where it is almost impossible to get a promissory note?

Ron Lev

Great post but today there is the option to insure the dachshunds ... so I think it is better to insure dachshund

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