Last night we were invited for a lecture every month for contact with group managers and digital communities

Last night we were invited for a lecture every month for contact with group managers and digital communities

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Last night we were invited to a lecture

Every month or so, group administrators and digital communities contact us to talk about our story.

This time, it was a lecture for a Facebook group by Hadas Ben Yishai about providing knowledge and value in the worlds of money - "taking off for economic freedom."

It was the group's first meeting outside the Pace.

Over 100 people came to Tel Aviv restaurant to hear three lectures, all related to finances, dreams and fulfillment.

We were a third lecture that closes the evening, allocated us half an hour.

Anyone who knows us knows that it takes us an hour and a half to tell our story. So what do we do in half an hour?

We decided to give a five-minute riff on the night at 2014 from which we set out on a road that has changed our entire lives and for the rest of the time to foster insights and attitudes that are intertwined with the vast majority of couples who come to meet with us.
After 500 couples (and individuals) we met, we gained quite a bit of experience and understanding of what "gets in the way" of people moving toward fulfilling their financial and spiritual goals.

We talked about "how and when," the two essential questions the couple must decide on before embarking on their journey toward economic well-being - how much money they want to make on passive income and when they want it to happen. Two very accurate numbers that should be used as a compass in the coming years.
The third pillar on which the success of the program will rise or fall is the couple's "couple's commitment" to "how and when." If she is a part of incessant desire and desire and goal in life, she will bring them to the destination. If it is less than that, their chances of success will be much less.

We talked about "The Wall and the Tower," a semi-humorous slide that speaks to the obsessive grip of the vast majority of couples we met at the real estate they purchased in the country. The vast majority of them know that their equity is "buried" in the embossing that they tread, their mortgage is expensive, long and produces a long chase for a "sublime" goal to end its payments. And the day after they finish paying it, they find out that their standard of living has not really changed and the fact that their home is worth millions "on paper" still leaves the mark in prominence and has no contribution to the standard of living of the couple and family.
We meet lots of couples whose home is worth millions and they are in a chronic minus 1000 NIS each month… ..
What is the economic thinking that lies behind this absurdity ?!
And the beauty of it is that you don't have to sell the house and invest all that capital to make a huge cash flow, you can stay with the house, stay with the "wall and tower" sense of resilience and still make this house work for us.
How do you do that?
Take a home mortgage up to 50% of home value under the best conditions possible and invest that money in a variety of ways with a regular risk management strategy. This way you start making cash flow thanks to your "wall and tower".

We talked about "bringing value." What is this concept of "bringing value"? What did the poet mean? Who should bring the value and who should receive it?
"Bringing value" is the central thing in your life that will give you both a great feeling and can bring you money that goes beyond the "fixed salary" level.
At the beginning of our journey, during our intense study, we heard from all the successful people and mentors that we listened to the never-ending importance of providing (added and true) value to others.
Everyone repeated the same message: The day you know how to create value from your actions that there will be people in the entire world who need it, this is the day you will start moving towards economic well-being.

Value, the more refined and uncommon, it will also be at the same level of monetary value.
At the simplest level for understanding this topic, we will note the cost of working an adolescent in a fast food chain. It will be a single shekel (not to exceed the minimum wage) alongside a lawyer's hour of work specializing in medical malpractice (or any other niche in the legal world) that can reach thousands of shekels and even tens of thousands of shekels.
The value of the bun bun is low because it is interchangeable with other boys. The value of the expert lawyer in a very specific niche is high because there is not nearly the same amount in the market (and he has gained experience, knowledge and reputation).

* From this we realized that the number of hours we work is meaningless, but the value we know to give in our life.

The common perception that we are priced and earned based on the hours we are in a space called "work" is not a powerful concept.
The right concept for us is to spend all our time finding the value that we can bring to the market (to 8 billion consumers on the ball) and then, once we have found that value, we will simply improve it more and more. The more it is required and the more value it will bring to us, among other things, infinitely large sums of money from a monthly salary to which we have been systematically accustomed.

The day we (colleague and immigrant) understood the philosophy behind the meaning of "bringing value," we became very clear about where the golden eggs lay.
Our headline "Connecting People to Opportunities" is the value we bring, it has caused 500 couples to help us over the past two years and it has brought 100 people out of the house on a very humid July 2019 evening to hear us.
And because we strongly believe in our actions and their true ability to help people, we are working on improving and refining our value 24 / 7 (and not just between 09: 00-17: 00).

And finally, we talked about "Tomorrow Morning," what needs to be done to take financial responsibility and start moving in the direction of creating a passive revenue mechanism. A mechanism that works alongside our lives for a considerable period of time and one day reaches the critical mass that can take each one's definition of economic well-being.

We concluded by saying that we would love to help anyone who wants to help us with our value, knowledge and experience, at no cost and without any commitment from a real sense of mission, and invited the audience to look for us on social media and hear, see and read how we can help him.

We had a lot of fun!
And thank you for the opportunity.

Best regards,
Fellow and immigrant Dror

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