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Question about taxation - Hey! Let's say I finished Flip and currently I have profits how do they convert them to spending at the end of the tax year?

** Question about taxation ** Hi! Suppose I finished a flip and I currently have profits on the deal and I want to understand how these profits can be converted into expenses by the end of the tax year, so if I enter into a new flip deal and have renovation expenses higher than the profits I made in the previous deal, is it true to say Right…

Dealing with pressures and changes in the real estate world

What's going on an expensive group? So this week I'm getting into the big shoes of "Entrepreneurs of the Week," thanking Lior on stage. So in a few words about me and us, I am a co-owner of Siftint, a company that has been operating for the past eight years in Orlando, Florida as a real estate agency for local and distant investors. This week I will start with a post slightly different from my regular content, the topic is dealing with pressures and changes…