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    Nir seems to have a solution.
    The added value I can contribute to the discussion is in relation to all those who receive an annual report from the management company and send it to me so that I prepare the American report.
    You know, we fight for recognized expenses and use the relevant legal clauses to reduce the tax - but I want to tell you that sometimes big money is hidden here

    The client has expenses he has incurred, but they do not appear in the annual report of the management company (because he has taken out of pocket and they have no way of knowing) and thus the customer loses expenses and rope. I see it all the time.
    That's the name of the game

    Another point is that there are occasions when rental activity has resulted in a loss of governance in Georgia. Client submits Federal but does not file STATE
    He says, "If there is a loss in the state, you are below the threshold - no need to file a tax report to the state" and so he saves a few more dollars on filing a report.

    This is true, but here too there is a certain failure. I do want to prepare a STATE report and record the loss and send the report so that I fix the loss and roll it next year.
    And I ask you the customer?
    If you have not submitted a report to the country that there is a loss and you are below the threshold - will you remember in the following year the offset?

    This is friends
    Asher Toriel CPA and Lawyer (Israel), Tax Advisor (USA)