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Great Sunday for everyone ... We're starting a new week in the forum so we wanted to remind you a few things ...

Hello all new and old friends.
Every week we'll remind you a little about what this forum is, what you can get out of it, and the rules that will keep you enjoying it in the future ...


"A number of basic rules"
The forum is a forum without advertising. but….
If you want to advertise there, company, phone, email and website ...
You can do this if you contribute to the forum 4 posts of value in that month - in the fourth post you can specify these details at the bottom of the post.

"Entrepreneur of the Week"
If you are a real estate agent with a lot of experience, and you want to take a step in sharing your knowledge and enjoy special privileges, you are welcome to join our "Entrepreneur of the Week" program.
To sign up for the program, enter your name on the entrepreneur's schedule on this week's schedule and we'll get back to you for a short interview:
Of course, in the last post you can combine the contact details as in the sharing program, and you will get ...

"The Assets Arena"
An exclusive arena for entrepreneurs this week who have spent the first week of basic training with 7 posts of value.
7 These posts give you 7 posts of advertising assets in the "property arena" worth 700 dollars (the cost of post property to those who are not initiated this week is 100 dollars).
Then, after you have earned the rank of Entrepreneur of the Week, you enter the exclusive club of advertisers in the property arena (we make sure only known entrepreneurs will post assets to the community)

Join the Forum Property Arena:

The property arena on the site of From Real Estate USA
Another bonus for the initiators of the week is the opening of a profile initiated on the forum site, and the opening of a profile initiated on the site with the possibility of publishing properties to the community.

Map of assets

"Guide to Entrepreneurs and Companies" - cooperation between the forum and real estate companies
Every entrepreneur or real estate company can set up a profile on the forum website that includes a description of the company, a logo and a link to its website, in return for a similar profile on the company's website with a link back to the forum site or for a fee.
The site has thousands of members a month and this is an opportunity to expose your company to the community.
Link to the directory of companies and entrepreneurs on the site:

Guide to Entrepreneurs and Companies - rating real estate companies

Another bonus for the entrepreneurs of the week is that every new property you publish is sent to the conference venue mailing list.
You can, of course, register only for the mailing list, which includes educational information from the forum.
To join the mailing list:

Footer Form

Having trouble adding an asset?
The Forum has a number of chat rooms for technical support, including entrepreneurs who advertise in the property arena, Nadlanfadia, the directory of companies and entrepreneurs, the winners of the medals and the sports flash, and to every mitep. Each chat should ask only relevant questions for its topic. To access chat:

Our YouTube channel "
Are you on the road and love to put yourself in the background? Love to invite friends and watch educational videos with a little popcorn?
Includes all site videos - subscribe to the channel and click on the bell to make sure you get updates every time a new video comes up:

"The Flipper Beaver Products Store"
Want to walk around the neighborhood with a beaver on your shoulder and show off to everyone you own in the United States? What is nicer than a shirt with the cute Bieber and logo of the forum?
Includes real estate updates and original programs
Running the forum is a work of days and nights - want to financially support the activities of the forum and at the same time enjoy the selected products? Invited to purchase shirts, sweaters, phone cover, coffee cups etc. with forum logo.

We wish to see the people working together and at the same time to support the activities of the Forum so that we will ensure our continued existence The forum creates Miftap meetings every two months, including lectures by forum members, entrepreneurs and external lecturers. In addition, the Mittafim are real entertainment - a decorated area, catering to the king, coffee and cookies, gifts for guests, counseling corners and more.
To this day, all the meetings have been sold to the fullest, and whoever has waited has missed. The Mittap reflects the forum in the field - participation from forum members and meetings between investors and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and real estate companies or services in the field who are interested to present in front of the audience are invited to contact us. For details and tickets:

Including updates from the real estate world and original programs from unique professionals who tell us about the secrets of the profession and how they started in real estate. In addition, the "Stories of Entrepreneurs from the Field" program, in which we follow the entrepreneurs' activities directly from their place of activity.
Want to participate? Welcome to contact us!

The forum has dozens of study units in various fields, including posts in all areas of real estate - how to open a bank account in the United States, opening a company, American and Israeli taxation, renovations, insciences etc.
To reach Handelfindia, click the "Units" tab or "Units".

Love us? Show us a strong love and win prizes.
Each month who gives us a positive feedback and sharing of the forum on Facebook - will automatically win 50 percentage discount for the next matap - plus a free monthly ticket draw for Mittap + a shirt of Beaver Flipper!
"Our Facebook Page" - Let us know and share 5 stars and share with us on Facebook:

Have you come all this way? So we will sharpen for you the more rigid sides of the forum - these parties make sure that we continue to be a quality forum, so please accept these laws welcome.

"Nandalal's terrible algorithm" - anyone who does not write a post will throw it away, and do not make a post without a picture!

The forum uses an algorithm that automatically removes members who have not shared a post for two months and do not respond regularly. If you fly it is not personal, the system also blocks you from rejoining automatically. This is a cooperative forum - if you are an entrepreneur - tell about yourself. You have not invested yet - ask questions. We are an elite unit - we prefer a small and limited group that really deserves to enjoy the information, rather than a large group of the Silence Monastery that only enjoys and does not contribute.
Let's start by responding to this post with your name and some details about your real estate journey.

"This is a forum without advertising and all conversations are conducted on the forum"
Do not send phone numbers and do not ask to talk in details. You have something to consult - you have to do this on the forum.
As we mentioned - want to advertise? For all 4 posts of value, you will post the fourth entry of the add value at the bottom of the post: name, role, company, phone, email, website. (No other contact details will be allowed).

"Massive prohibition against members of Messenger for creating mailing lists"
If you are contacted with messages to purchase real estate or join other groups without asking for it, please report to the forum management and that user will be banned from the forum immediately. We also employ mechanisms to locate such members and such activity is prohibited.
You have a competing team, you are in the forum for a long time, do not share posts, do not answer your friends and all you do all day is to massively appeal to friends to ask them to join you group? The second time we hear a complaint by a forum member, you will be banned from the forum and blocked. Of course we will not accept such behavior.

After all this ....

good luck to us!

Link to the original post in the USA Real Estate Forum on Facebook - working on a desktop computer (to view the post,

The original responses to the post can be read at the bottom of the current post page on the site or in the link to a post on Facebook and of course you are invited to join the discussion



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