Hello Friends - Here is the schedule of broadcasts or, more accurately, the dates for our hosting program for entrepreneurs and investors - "Entrepreneur of the Week" - where every week we give the stage to the entrepreneur or investor to hear about his interesting investments - this could be an interesting deal, Or failure, and anything else that you think will interest the members of the forum - from everything we learn.
Your main post will be pinned up during the entire week to maximum exposure.
The goal is primarily educational

We would appreciate if you can follow these rules:
You are invited to mention your name and company name. Please without external links so that it does not look like a bulletin board. Goal Create a value for the group.
We encourage of course that all discussions will be on the forum for the benefit of the group, but of course with your exposure as entrepreneurs / investors, friends who want to invest you will always be able to contact you in detail for guidance / advice / purchase.

You can choose one of the following options to post the post:

1. An interesting deal you have for sale includes surgery


2. A very successful deal initiated by the investor.

A. Opportunity detection: macro market analysis, micro market analysis, parameters taken into account
B. Negotiations carried out
third. The tests performed for the transaction and the asset
D. Purchase and sale price
God. Anything else interesting about the deal

3. A deal that came out not as you thought:

A. When did you understand that something had gone wrong?
B. The steps you tried to fix the problem and the results of the patch
third. What happened at the end - you raised your hands to reduce losses or there was a surprising ending
D. Anything else interesting about the deal

I want to remind entrepreneurs / investors - you can post several posts during the week. You're in focus. Everyone wants to hear from you and your experience. Feel free at home because this forum is the home of all of us and this week you are the hosts.

Forum members - you are more than welcome to ask questions here about what to publish, how to advertise, etc. so that everyone can get ideas.
Even if you bought only one property or you have been analyzing a region for six months now - these are also interesting stories - many investors are in your situation and will be happy to hear and consult - maybe the experts or experienced forum will be able to help you in your dilemmas to make the leap to purchase the long - Or maybe you can partner with someone who is in a similar situation and together move forward. Exposure will help it happen!

Below is a list of our entrepreneurs / investors for the next six months:

December 2018:

1. Shai Bar - 12 / 1 (who did and does an excellent job and gives an example to all of us what it is to be an entrepreneur this week)

2. Yair Yunji - 12 / 8

4. Bracha Light- 12 / 15

3. Or Stern Noel - 12 / 22

2. Matan Hirschhorn - 12 / 29

January 2019:

1. Daniel Dahan - 1 / 5

2. Orr Kichin - 1 / 12

3. Michael Zalkind- 1 / 19

4. Dasi Leibel - 1 / 26

February 2019:

1. Tal Abraham - 2 / 2

2. Gilad Oz - 2 / 9

3. Yariv Golan - 2 / 16

4. Noam Shapelter - 2 / 23


1. Dani Beit-Or - 3 / 2

2. Yuval Bartal - 3 / 9

3. Aryeh Schory - 3 / 12

4. Omri Shcteman - 3 / 23

5. Liron Azriel - 3 / 30


1. Lior Salim - 4 / 6 - Waiting for final approval

2. Omri Shctemanman - 4 / 13 - Waiting for final approval

3. Nadia Michelovlov - 4 / 20
With Bentzi Zavit

4. Eyal van Moppess - 4 / 27 - Waiting for final approval


1. Roei Amsterdamer - 5 / 4

2. Chanan Landau - 5 / 11

3. Albert Hadad - 5 / 18

4. Ami Turjeman - 5 / 25

June 2019:

1. Eyal Paz - 1 / 6

2. Ron Mozes. 6 / 8

3. 6 / 15 - Meyrav Regev

4. 6 / 22 - Anat Segal

5. 6 / 29 - Free

If you are interested to be investors or entrepreneurs this week take your place down. we would be very happy! Hear from you.

Events Calendar This week,

Real estate events

Link to the original post in the United States Real Estate Forum on Facebook - working on a desktop computer (to view this post you must be a member of the forum):

The original responses to the post can be read at the bottom of the current post page on the site or in the link to a post on Facebook and of course you are invited to join the discussion

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