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Ahlan new guys here, interested in long-term investment, first apartment in the United States

Like everything I go into, I spoke to dozens of offices, people, friends and acquaintances, and I wanted to hear some of your opinion.

Currently, after hundreds of hours of research, I focused on Cleveland and there is one thing I do not know, some brokers show me 15% returns after expenses (taxes, water, management and insurance big)
And they present transactions on paper (which my explanation really did exist) that back up when other firms claim that it is not possible to get a return on the transaction, and that this is one big hoax.

Can someone experience his opinion and put me in a realistic place in terms of purpose? Thanks

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1 a year ago

Hey great,
I think before I was tempted to be captivated by the yield ...
You first need to sit down with yourself and decide on:
What direction are you going?
- Do you like risk or not?
- Is it important for you to yield more than the demographic conditions of the place? Like crime, education, and more ...
- What do you want to achieve in the next few years?

And only now are you ready to try and choose with a marketer to set out.
There are several important things in choosing a reseller:
- that you connect to him and feel that he will be there for you even in less pleasant situations.
- Get recommendations on it

After you answer yourself to all but, then you will have an investment direction.

Successfully !

1 a year ago

It is perhaps worth distinguishing between IRR and yield on cost
These proposals are sometimes combined with a five-year plan that assumes an increase in the price of the asset each year and a profit in the sale, which causes the transaction on the cost to be 9%

1 a year ago

The yield calculation for Rentels should be spread over a number of years, and in particular, there is only one asset at the time. Any surprise or eviction of a tenant reduces yield. From my experience in Cleveland of 3 years, if you buy a property that has been upgraded to Rantal well around 60k + and rent it between 950 and 1000 .. With a good Asset Manager then the return ranges from 9 to 12%.

1 a year ago

I think if you decide to invest through a company then do not choose by yield. Go for recommendations, the most transparent, reliable, communicates with customers ...

1 a year ago

I do not think there is one truth ... we are one year we say we did 14% and a year later - 10% ...

1 a year ago

I recommend you consult with Yaniv Yaniv Berliner as far as I can recall, he has a firm opinion on this matter.

1 a year ago

First of all to say that you can not achieve a yield over x% is problematic.
It all depends on the purchase price (including all expenses associated with the purchase) and income less expenses incurred by the property and minus one-time expenses.
This is of course regardless of funding, since with the help of financing can be increased the return on capital (or reduced under discount and things do not work out: /)
Yield of around 10% in Ohio can be achieved, all depending on the parameters I mentioned.
Have a lot of success.

1 a year ago

After 7 years in Cleveland - every case and every home is another story. Theoretically there are nice returns but unfortunately life does not fit the theory, and any small expense or tenant leaving and a broken income significantly reduces the yield. If you have a good manger and lots of luck you will be able to cope. If not .. :-) Speak to me if you want to hear more about this strange city, the only place in the United States that has a Point of Sale that is a pain in the ass of any investor. for example.

1 a year ago

Hi Adir Mizrachi Fun you're here with us! I'm sure your wonderful forum will help you decide.

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