Podcast - Chapter 6 - Ami Turgeman

Consultation - I have a property in Jacksonville with a tenant who ends his contract at the end of the month (another week). The tenant pays the whole year without problems and also paid the last payment. The thing is that he did not renew the contract and the property manager has not been able to contact him for a month ...
What do I do in this case? ?? ‍♂️

  • 3 day notice with a courier on the door that if he does not re-contract or goes out you begin a legal process of eviction
  • Clicks the property manager to arrive physically and leave a polite message.
  • What does the property manager say why was not she there / sent someone there?
  • Maybe he changed hands or went for a walk, someone checked that he lived in the apartment ?!
  • He may have abandoned the apartment. You have to turn around and see what happens there.
  • Okay, these are the things I asked her to do now:
    1. Send someone there in the late evening that he sure does not work anymore
    2. Inform him in all ways that if he does not return an answer by the end of the month then the rent goes up
    3. Enter the property (of course after alerts) and see what his condition is and make sure he did not leave there ...
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