Market Overview 2019

Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio

Metro population:

2.2 m

Median Home Income:

57,000 dollars

Unemployment rate:


Median House Price:

115,000 dollars

Median monthly rent:

1,100 dollars

Located on the northern banks of the Licking and Ohio River Junction, Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio and the 65th largest city in the United States. Cincinnati was also the first major American city to be founded after the American Revolution, so it is sometimes considered a purely "American" city. It was one of Winston Churchill's favorite cities in the United States. He called it, "… the most beautiful in the inner cities of the union."

In recent years, Cincinnati has become a popular destination for new corporate headquarters and moving houses, including 10 Fortune 500 companies and 17 Fortune 1000 companies. Some of the better known companies include: Procter & Gamble, Kruger, Macy's, Ltd. And General Electric. Today, the Cincinnati metro area is recognized as one of the 25 most developing areas in the country (according to the Brookings Institution) with a gross domestic product of $ 119 billion.

Today, the Cincinnati metro area is recognized as one of the 25 most developing areas in the country (according to the Brookings Institution) with a gross domestic product of $ 119 billion.

Why invest here?

With a cost of living and housing still below the national average, Cincinnati offers great opportunities for real estate investors this year. Especially for those who are interested in investing in Real Estate Properties ™ which will generate a positive cash flow and give a strong chance for constant appreciation.

Disposition - Finding Buyers and Marketing the Property / Contract - Yoav Lavee - Post 4

Disposition - Finding Buyers and Marketing the Property / Contract - Yoav Lavee and Haim Mamane. - Post 4

#EntrepreneuroftheWeek Haim and Yoav # Post 4

So after we have learned how we can solve a problem and come up with sellers to agree on a purchase price below the market price, the next step of course will be to put the house under contract and then sell the contract to the final buyer. Because at the end of the day we need to get paid!
One of the great advantages of wholesalers is that we do not actually buy and sell the property but “sell” the contract for a commission (Assignment Fee) to a final buyer who will usually be an investor, entrepreneur who wants to flip (improvement) or an investor who wants to buy the property for rent. The buyers we want to target will be buyers who can buy in cash and close quickly.
It is important that we know how to price our contract in a way that will leave profitability for the final buyer (investor) so that we can sell the contract in the fastest way. The more correctly we price the deal the more we can maximize our profitability and also the faster we can move the contract.
So before we talk about the whole process of selling to the final buyers - Disposition it is important to talk about some important things:
1. Contract with the seller - It is very important that in the contract with the seller we have a clause that allows us to transfer / sell the contract to another buyer (Assignable contract). In addition, in most cases we will sign a contract before our person on the ground has physically seen the property. It is therefore important to have an exit clause like inspection contingency so that if something is found in the condition of the property that changes for us the price we can pay for the property. In such a case we can always withdraw from the deal or talk to the property owner again about a price reduction.
2. Photos + video of the property - after we have signed a contract we will send the man
Our on the ground (Boots on the Ground) that will take as many pictures of the property as possible - The good, the bad & the ugly from all angles and from all directions including
Some videos so we can make sure the condition of the property matches the description the seller gave
For us and the estimate of the renovation costs does not exceed what we thought. The photos and videos are important because they are the ones that will be used by us in marketing the property to potential buyers
our. It is important for us to show the property exactly as it is, for better or worse in order to save
Everyone has less time, effort and fewer visits to our property.
Tailor-friendly Teitel company - Not all Teitel companies know how to work with wholesalers. In the end our transactions are non-standard and important
That the title companies we decide to work with know how to work with Assignment
of Contract & Double Closings - Main Closing Strategies of
Wholesalers. We have seen many times how inexperienced title companies can knock
Deal So the importance of this thing is critical.

So after we have dealt with all these issues it is time to look for potential buyers for our deal. Let's talk about where to find this type of buyers:
1. Real Estate Agents - There are many real estate agents who work with investors and they can connect you to their investors of course for a fee. The agent will receive his commission from the buyer or from you depending on your summary with the broker. There are lots of ways to find these agents but the way we like is to go to and look for highly likely renovated properties invested by investors in the same area of ​​your deal and just contact the agent who represented the seller and ask them if his investor would be interested in another project. Area.
2. Examination of all the assets sold in the last 3-6 months in cash - and to reach the broker who handled the transaction or alternatively to reach the buyer himself through SKIP TRACING.

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